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What a digital organisation looks like

There’s been a lot of work to define what a good digital service looks like (see for example the government’s Digital Service Standard). It’s less obvious what to do if you want to make your whole organisation digital, and there are even fewer success stories to model yourself on.

Six alternatives to traditional top down public service delivery

Many councils have made it this far by cutting back on their existing model of public service delivery - in some cases right to the bone. But what do they do when all the incremental cuts that can be made have been made? One potential avenue may be to ask if there is a completely different operating model for addressing a particular need.

Using the local digital declaration to get your digital work going

The local digital declaration is three years old as I go to keyboard. I was privileged enough to be around at the time it was being put together, had some small input into it, and helped to promote it. I think it is well and truly a good thing. What it does is define for the whole local government sector what digital is all about. It removes those misunderstandings that digital is just about channel shift, or better websites, or one single other thing. It explains that while good digital is not just about technology, it also is about technology,…

CDO chat with Kit Collingwood

A few months ago, I recorded this chat with Kit Collingwood, from the Royal Borough of Greenwich, about her work at the council, the new digital strategy she authored, and how she and her team are tackling the many challenges facing those working in digital in local government. If you just want the audio, you can grab that on Soundcloud. Stefan at Strategic Reading said about this interview: This video conversation is modestly billed as a CDO chat, but is actually a master class in strategy development and application. The approach is deceptively simple. Two people who bring both depth…