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FREE online workshop: Matching user needs with tech capabilities

A while ago I shared a post with a template showing how you can take a capability-based approach to picking technology by focusing on user needs. There has been a fair bit of interest in it since it was published, so I thought it might be useful to run a short online workshop running through how it works with a smallish group of people. As I have at this stage no real idea what I am doing, it will be free for public sector people. The workshop will run on Zoom on Wednesday, September 15 at 11am. I anticipate it…

Legends of low code recording

This Tuesday Nick and I ran the legends of low code panel session, and much fun was had, and great learning shared. I was joined by: Kev Rowe, Croydon Council Craig Barker, Cumbria County Council Clare Evans, Tewkesbury Borough Council Lee Gallagher, Hertsmere Council Check out the video recording above, to hear about the great low code projects all the councils have been working on the cultural changes that went alongside the technology switch the downsides of using low code and how to overcome them who is best placed to become a low code developer in your organisation

Legends of Low Code online event

Update 16/7/2021 – here’s a link to the recording of this session. On Tuesday 13 July, between 2pm and 3.30pm I will have the pleasure of chairing a panel session discussing the use of low code platforms in local government. I’ve been involved in the implementation of low code in a couple of councils, and in the right circumstances it’s a great fit. In the panel session, I’ll be exploring what those circumstances are, and what some of low code’s pitfalls are, as well as what it is brilliant at. I’m going to be chatting with the following ‘legends of…