The SensibleTech central console, yesterday

This website is built on WordPress – of course!

I host it at SiteGround.

It uses the Blocksy theme as a base, although I have created my own child theme for tweaks. Massive thanks to Steph Gray for having helped me with this.

I’ve tried to be sparing with plugins, but failed.

  • Blocksy Companion Pro
  • WPForms Pro
  • Insert Headers and Footers – for adding a script to the site for the newsletter pop up (sorry)
  • MonsterInsights – to help me understand Google Analytics, maybe
  • Regenerate Thumbnails – to keep the homepage blog thumbnails tidy
  • Custom Post Type UI and Advanced Custom Fields – I’m working on something at the moment that uses these, more on that soon
  • All in one SEO – to try and get better at that sort of thing
  • Generate Blocks, Simple Alert Blocks and Ultimate Blocks – for, well, blocks.
  • Yoast Duplicate Post – for when I need to make a copy of a post (this is actually less useful than you would think)
  • RestrictContentPro – for a thing I may get round to doing at some point
  • A bunch of SiteGround specific things

Images usually come from the amazing Unsplash, unless they have come from my ‘personal’ collection.

For productivity type stuff, I use Google Workspace. For slidedecks to be used in videos however, Powerpoint tends to be used over Google Slides. The phone number is also set up with Google Voice.

Videos are hosted on YouTube if they are for general consumption. Limited access video goes to Vimeo.

Audio is hosted on SoundCloud at the moment, while it’s free.

Despite having Google Meet as part of Workspace, I still use Zoom for most public online meetings and events.

Miro is handy sometimes when running virtual workshops.

For tracking work to be done and collaborating on projects, depending on the circumstances, I might use Trello, Asana, Smartsheet or Basecamp. Or a spreadsheet.

My use of CRM is very limited, but I do track some contacts with CapsuleCRM.

Digital Digest gets sent thanks to Mailchimp.