About SensibleTech

SensibleTech is all about helping people make better decisions about technology and digital – a lot of which isn’t about technology or digital at all. Instead strategy, structures, personalities and politics all play a vital role.

There’s so much that can be learned from previous experience, mistakes that others have made so you don’t have to, what works in what context and what doesn’t. As much as possible of that can be shared through articles, videos, resources and so on, and that’s a massive part of what SensibleTech is all about.

The aim is to publish something useful every week, with the newsletter going out every other Tuesday.

Who is SensibleTech?

SensibleTech basically is me, Dave Briggs. I’ve worked in the public sector in technology and digital roles for what feels like a very long time. I’ve experience of all levels of government, from tiny village parish councils up to 10 Downing Street.

I started LocalGovCamp, the first unconference for local government back in 2009 and ran it for several years, before passing the baton to LocalGovDigital.

Recently, I have been in Head of Service positions at Adur & Worthing, Horsham and Croydon Councils.

If you would like to see my full CV, you can take a look at that here. Otherwise, why not connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter, and have a read of my personal blog – which contains years and years of digital advice and guidance?

What’s in a Name?

Two reasons behind the name really. Firstly, it seems a good idea to emphasise a sensible approach to technology. That is, one that doesn’t get too excited about the new, latest shiny thing, and which acknowledges the need to consider other things when considering technology.

The other reason is that when I was a lad, playing games on my Amiga 500, I loved the games that Sensible Software made. So, the name is something of an homage to them.

Thank You

Huge thanks to the marvellous Steph Gray for all the help with the WordPress techy stuff that was beyond me (ie most of it).

The photo of me on the home page was taken by the lovely Nigel Bishop at LocalGovCamp in 2019 (before I put on all the lockdown timber). You can see all the photos he took in this album, shared by Nick Hill, who is also a legend.

Legal Stuff

SensibleTech Ltd is a registered limited company, number 13101007.

VAT number is 370192117.

The registered company address is 15, Mayfield Close, Pinchbeck, Spalding, PE11 3SJ.